Thursday, August 5, 2010


The last time I was on Lupron, I did not really have any side effects other than moodiness.  This time its been a whole different ball game.  I have been so sick!  Aching muscles, exhausted, diarrhea, swelling, swelling sweating, swelling, and HOT FLASHES!!!  You name it, I have it!  I wake up at night and my hair is just DRENCHED from sweat!  This is not an exaggeration.  This has been an interesting week!  But it will all be over soon....hopefully with a good end result!

My great aunt Minnie died today.  She was 100 years old.  Dustin and I will be going to her funeral in Bluffton on Sunday.  We were supposed to be hosting the youth group here Sunday night for a swimming party but are going to have to cancel.  We will not be back from Bluffton in time. 

Another week is almost over....boy how time flies!

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  1. I had hot flashes w/ the Lupron, too. Yuck! Especially this time of year! Hope it gets better!