Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Little M goes camping

Well, summer has officially started for us; we took little M on her first camping trip.  AND...she LOVED it.  The weather wasn't the nicest that weekend (thank God for heaters!) but M played outside all day and never complained about being cold.  In fact, when I sent her in to warm up for a bit, she was disappointed.  I think she thought she was going to miss out on something exciting. 

Little M learned how to roast a weenie over the fire.

It was a bit trial and error for her but she got the hang of it!

Enjoying her hard work!

Dustin spent the weekend building a deck.  He did a great job!

Sitting by the fire before roasting marshmallows.
One of Little M's favorite things was to go for golf cart rides (or, as she says it, "DOLF CART" rides) around the campground.  She also enjoyed playing at the playground and couldn't understand why, since she had packed her swimsuit in her bag (with out me knowing), she couldn't go swimming?!
Oh this kid.  She makes me laugh!

Here Come's Peter Cotton Tail

The Easter Bunny was very good to Little M this year!  3 Easter baskets and 2 Easter Egg hunts.  I think someone is spoiled!

She was very excited that the Easter Bunny had left her eggs while she was napping!

This was an easy egg to find.  The Easter Bunny was pretty sly with some of his hidings; it took M quite a while to find them all.

Little M participated in the Easter Egg hunt at the campground, too.

She was excited that her name was drawn for a big chocolate rabbit.  I was excited that it was WHITE chocolate, which I HATE and will not be tempted to pinch at all!

Counting her eggs.  She had the least amount of eggs for her age group but she didn't care at all.

My friend Karen and her little boy went with us on the egg hunt.  He collected many more eggs than M.

Playing on the playground after the egg hunt.  Typical Little M there...always talking or goofing off!

Easter baskets from Grandma Ricki (my mom), us, and her grandparents in Florida

Doesn't the Mini Utility Bin from Thirty-One look so cute as an Easter basket?!  I had her name put on it and she loves it!  It sits on her dresser now and holds all her coloring books, crayons, pencils, etc.  I love things that are fun AND functional!


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Little M turns 4

March brought a big celebration for us: Little M turned 4 years old.  It was SO FUN to celebrate her birthday with her!  We had a house FULL of friends and family who came to celebrate M with us.  She was beside herself with joy (and, I think, a little overwhelmed) at all the love and attention shone on her that day! 

We decorated while M was napping.  She woke up and was truly convinced that fairies had been to the house to decorate for her.  She kept saying "Manda, fairies did this.  Fairies did this for ME."

She would only open the gifts with her name on them.  She would find one with her name and be completely surprized!  "Wow!  This one is for ME too, Manda!"

It was really sweet how so many different people stepped in and helped M read her cards

I know, I know....she looks just like Dustin.  :)

She wanted a pink and purple cake. 

For months her Barbies have "went to the movies, the store, and to church" in their bathing suits.  Now they have an appropriate place to go.  Go figure...Barbie WOULD end up on a cruise on my dime before I bought myself one.  :)

M was so excited to share her birthday celebration with Jim.  We had a small surprise cake for him to celebrate his 60th.  M told everyone for at least a week after that night that "Me had a cake and Grandpa Jim had a cake too!"


The kids found the dress up clothes.  I love this picture!

Mom and Jim were able to be here for the party and then spent the night with us.  It was so great to have them here!  Little M LOVES "Grandma Ricki."  I think she is her favorite person in the entire world! 

 In case you were wondering, YES, I DO have pictures where M is actually looking at me.  I just can't post them here. only get to see the "bad" pictures.  :( 

We had a great time celebrating!  Thank you to ALL who came to make it a special night for our little one.  Little M, I pray your 4th year of life is FULL of great things!  We love you! 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Crafty?!? No, not me!

Spring has sprung!  At least, it has INSIDE our home, even if it's not so sure it's here to stay OUTSIDE yet.  March came and went in a flash.  So, my next few posts will hopefully get you up to date on the comings and goings of our house. 

Little M loves to do crafts.  Me, I'm allergic to them.  I hate them.  I break out in hives whenever I have to use scissors, or glue, or do anything at all artistic.  Don't get me wrong...I can appreciate when other people enjoy crafty things.  It's just not something I am good at.  At. All.  Nor is it something I enjoy.  However....since M likes doing those types of things, I've been stretching myself. 

Homemade bathtub paints were a HUGE hit!  She painted the entire bathtub! 

Lets make an Easter Bunny! 

The finished project

Baking I can do without hives :)  Little M helped with the pink frosting on the cupcakes.

I love that they do crafts in both Sunday School and Preschool.  It gets me out of having to do so many at home.  Hee, hee.  And I LOVE that she hung this one up herself! 
Thats it for my crafty side, for now.  This month I'm focusing on outdoor activities and tasks.  MUCH more my style!  :)