Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Dozen Eggs to Hatch

I went to the doctor yesterday for blood work and an ultrasound.  My labs came back good and the ultrasound showed 12 eggs "baking" in there!  I go back today for another round of the same.  The doctor said he expects me to go to Indy either Saturday or Sunday of this weekend for my egg retrieval.  I have been having horrible headaches, which the nurse informed me is a side effect of the drugs Im on.  I keep telling myself "a week from now your headache will be gone...just stick it out!"  I was scheduled to work on Saturday but a gal I work with occasionally, Jill, has volunteered to cover my shift if I need to go to Indy.  God takes care of it all, doesn't he?  Even the little details! 

Please, please be in prayer that they eggs and sperm react this time.  I've been on different drugs in hopes that we will receive a different outcome....Im praying that this works! 

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  1. Praying that all goes well and you get a BFP this cycle!!!!