Tuesday, August 17, 2010


We spent this past weekend camping at Gordon's campground in South Milford, IN.  We were camping with a group from our church, and had a fantastic time!

We borrowed a pop up from a friend (we usually just tent camp) and LOVED having AC at night to sleep!  We don't even have AC in our house so this was a real treat!  Being menopausal and hormonal with no AC has been fun, believe me!!!

Dennis and Lori spoiled us the entire weekend by preparing the majority of the food!  Dennis is making us biscuits and gravy over the fire here for breakfast.  He is also the ultimate pudgie pie maker! 

Cassie's idea of camping:  hanging out in the air conditioned 5th wheel camper and shopping online!

Good morning, Cindy!  Waiting patiently for breakfast while sipping her coffee!

Curt and Jenny

I wish I took more pictures.  Cindy took a ton and they are posted on facebook if you want to see more. 

The men, Carey, and I entered in a horseshoe contest while we were there.  I was TERRIBLE but it was fun!  Paul, Dennis, and Curt all won over the weekend.  Swimming, food, and laughter completed the weekend!   Good times!  I'm looking forward to the next camping trip we have planned in October.  Maybe it will be baby's first camping trip...

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