Sunday, January 31, 2010

To Indy we shall go, to Indy we shall go.....

Well, the day has come.  We are heading to Indianapolis tomorrow morning where they will retreive my eggs.  Dustin will do his thing, and a baby will hopefully be created. I have to be there by 8 AM.  Dustin is not happy about that!  He is not a morning person so this will be a fun start to the day! 

They will let us know tomorrow how many eggs they were able to retrieve.  They will call us Tuesday to let us know how they are progressing, and again on Wednesday.  We will go back to Indy on Thursday or Saturday for implantation.  The day will depend on my embryos and on the opinion of the Embryologist.  I will keep you posted!

Please keep us in your prayers!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

An A+ on my labs!

Whoo hoo!  Went to the doctor today and they just called with my lab results.  The nurse said my Progesterone level was at .9 and my Estrodial was at 829.  Your guess is as good as mine as to what that actually means but she said it is "Great!  Exactly what we are looking for!"

So, Yippie!  The other good news is that when I had my ultrasound today, I had 20 follicles!  20 possible Eggs!  I wasn't kidding when I said my ovaries are the size of softballs!  Now, no, not all of those follicles will contain eggs.  And the ones that do, not all of them will be good, viable eggs.  But 20 is a great number to start with.  The more eggs, the better chance of fertilization, and the better the chance of extra embryos to freeze for the future.  

What can I say......I'm an overachiever!  Ha, Ha!

I go back to the doctor for more bloodwork and another ultrasound on Saturday.  The nurse said today that she would not be surprized if I take the Ovidrel shot this weekend, which would put me in Indy early next week for the egg retrieval surgery.  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bruises dont show up on pictures.

Someone asked me the other day if I have been taking pictures of each step of this process.  Im not really a picture person.  I love to look at them but never think to take them myself.  So, this morning I laid out all of my drugs for this process on the kitchen table and took a picture.  They covered half of the table!  I couldnt believe it!  I also tried to take a picture of all the bruises on my belly from the shots.  You can see them very clearly, one is so dark you could see it through my light pink shirt I had on the other day.  But time and time again, I would take the picture but the bruises didnt show up in it.  I just ended up with a bunch of pictures of my fat gut!  Ha!  I KNOW noone wants to see that! 

I go back to the doctor tomorrow and will see what the next step is from there.  Dustin and I have been preparing for the days we will be in Indy.  I have paid the neighbor gal (she goes to church with us) to come over and let the dogs out while we will be gone.  I have also covered my committments at church depending on the days we will be out of town. 

It probably seems like my life revolves around this IVF procedure....It feels like it often!  I am also very involved in my church.  Dustin and I are to be staff members at the Senior High Lock In at church next Friday and Saturday.  Im also working on providing all the food with one of the youth, Rebecca.  We have had fun shopping and planning the food to feed 60 people!  Im also helping with the reception after baptisims next Sunday.  Dustin and I are also to be staffing the Winter Youth Retreat Valentines day weekend.  Fun!  Those things sound like such a great time!  We are really looking forward to it all!

And after all of that:  4 weeks of IVF stress, 2 weekends full of church/youth activities, applying to be on the police reserves in New Haven and the Sherriffs office, and working full time (for Dustin) too, we are hoping to get away for a night just the two of us.  We are hoping to head to Michigan to Cabellas.  We will get a hotel and stay there after shopping on Saturday.  Im personally looking forward to dangleing my feet in the hot tub (Im not allowed to sit in the hot tub....Dr. Bopp says with my history of miscarriage, I need to avoid all hot tubs and baths until I have the baby) 

Gotta run!  I have more planning to do for the youth retreat!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 3 and 1 Valentine

I have volunteered to organize and lead the packing of Valentines Day Care Boxes at church. These boxes will be sent to college kids. Does anyone have a college student that would like a fun box full of cookies, candy, snacks, etc? If so, please email me ( with their name and address and I will add them to the list. Im looking forward to this project. I remember how fun it was to receive a box of goodies when I was a way from home!

I went to the doctor this morning for my Day 3 Estrogen and FSH levels to be drawn. I also had an ultrasound to make sure I did not have any cysts on my ovaries. They were looking for cysts for two reasons: One being that I have had issues with this in the past, the other being that the presence of cysts can mean that I am not really in menapause, therefore I run the risk of releasing the eggs that I will be making. The good news is that I did not have any cysts at all! Yippie! I start on the gonadatropins tomorrow to begin making eggs. I take these every twelve hours (8 Am and 8 Pm on the dot).

Dustin went with me today to the doctor. He doesnt usually go, but we had to sign all the official consent forms today in front of the Doc. We had to make the big decisions as to what happens to the left over embryos should I pass away or we divorce or reach the age of 50 without conceiving (let me be the first to assure you that we will not be trying to conceive at the age of 50!!) Its strange to think about that but, technically, they are our "children." Since he was there, the nurse had him stay in the room while she did the ultrasound. For those of you who dont know, my husband is EXTREMELY squirmish when it comes to anything medical. I was so proud of him. He didnt pass out when they drew my blood and he watched the ultrasound enough to even ask questions. He wanted to know what the golf club looking thing was on the tv screen (it was my ovary). What a trooper!

We are planning a quiet night in tonight. Pizza from Jims in Woodburn and a movie. Our favorite kind of night together. I'm heading out tomorrow night with Marlise (my sis/mom in law) and my good friend Annette to Flat Top Grill! Yum, veggie stir fry here I come! Sunday will be full of church and Awana, with a birthday party for Shannon in between the two. I love Sundays! Its my favorite day of the week!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Party is Starting...

Ok....I lied. I said I wasn't noticing effects from the drugs...but I spent 5 hours crying yesterday. 5 HOURS!!! IN A ROW! Its insane! I was completely rational in my head...but I could not get the tears to stop! In my own defense, I had received some news that rocked my world and I just couldn't seem to shake it! One of my good friends sent me a text yesterday that said she is having twins. Just like that! No consideration for the infertile girl whose heart she was breaking! I know she wasn't trying to be mean, or to rub my face in it, but for that moment, I was so angry and jealous....and wondering when it was going to be my turn? But, Im learning that God has his own timing for me, and for others. I just need to trust in that! And I do...but some days, its so hard!

Anyhow, enough of the whining! Dustin and I have been talking a lot about adoption. I know that the success rates of IVF are not great....only a 30% chance. We have been discussing what will we do if it does not work for us. We are possibly interested in adopting but it seems like the money aspect to it is just astronomical! It costs more to adopt a child than I even make in one year! But, people seem to adopt kids all the time. Can anyone tell me how they afford it? Any tips?

I go tomorrow for my day 3 lab work and my first of what will be many ultrasounds. FUN! Then I will add the gonadatropins to the list of meds I shoot in my belly nightly. :) This will cause my ovaries to begin making eggs. If you like to feel bloated, this is the drug for you! It makes your ovaries swell to the size of softballs! Oh the things one is willing to do to get what they want, right?!

Ive got choir practice and then Dustin and I help with our youth group at church this evening as well so I better run. I love Thursday nights!!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Daily.....Yeah, right!

So many people have been asking about our IVF procedure and how it is advancing. We appreciate the lets us know you care and are on your minds. So, I thought I would create this little blog so you could follow along with us, if you choose. However, please do not hold me to the "daily" in the title. I tend to only check email once or twice a week....and will only blog that often, Im sure!

To sum up what has happened on the IVF front the past few weeks: we thought we had hit a bump in the road when all of a sudden my insurance changed and as of Jan. 1, IVF required pre-approval from the insurance company. Seeing how I was to start on my first round of drugs on the 7th of Jan, this was an issue. However, with a lot of prayer and what had to be divine intervention, we received our approval by the 4th.

I started on Lupron aproximately a week and a half ago. The main goal of Lupron is to put my body in menopause. They warned both Dustin and I that I would experience all the symptoms of menapause....the mood swings, the hot flashes, nausea, lack of intimacy urges, skin changes, bloating, etc... To be honest, the only side effects I have had so far have been nausea (it was really bad for the first day or so) and just an overall exhaustion, which could also partly be from the stress of all of this! The first few days I lived on saltines and 7 Up but Im back to normal now and, if this is what menapause is going to be like, I think Ill be okay!

I have not had the mood swings like expected, but have noticed Im a lot weepyer (is that a word?!) than usual. I find myself crying at the silliest things! I sat in church Sunday and just bawled during worship! Of course I was sitting in the very front row so I couldn't walk out to get myself together in the bathroom or everyone would have seen my red face and snotty nose! Ha! The adventures of a hormonal woman!

I'll write more on the next steps this week. I need to get dinner made for my honey!