Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Infertility is (Part II)

Fathers day was hard for me this year.  It never has been in the past.  Maybe it is partly due to all the other stress we have going on in our lives (if you consider job hunts, being homeless, and health concerns stressors).  Then again, maybe it's not.  Who knows?!

I really try not to dwell on the fact that I'm childless most days....but this past Sunday, when the pastor started the sermon out with the "FATHER" speech, I only made it about 5 min into the church service before I had to walk out because I was sobbing.  I sat there, next to my husband, thinking about how he wants to be a father and how I have taken that away from him.  I thought about how holidays, in general, are such lonely days for D and I because neither of us have family who include us in their lives 95% of the time.  Usually I am pretty upbeat and can find the positive (or at least the sarcastically funny) side to any situation but Fathers day kicked my butt this year.  I came home from church, laid in my bed, and cried for hours!  It didn't help that my father didn't want to spend the day with me...or that my husbands family did not include us in their plans for the afternoon.  So....he went fishing...and I stayed home and cried.  and cried.  and cried. 

But, I'm done crying now.  I just wanted to share with you that while sometimes it may SEEM like we have moved on (not that many of you have cared enough to ask how we are doing) there ARE some days when we struggle. 

So, I will be adding Fathers Day to my list of days that I do not go to church.  I think, instead, I will choose to do something fun!  Maybe sky diving (though not likely).  Or a couples massage (maybe a little more likely).  MOST likely though will be a day spent on the boat with my hubby, having our own little celebration that we made it another year, even though, sometimes, it feels like that is impossible.  :)

Infertility Is


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

No Longer Home Owners

We are officially no longer home owners.  And today, when I called the mortgage company to be sure our mortgage was paid off,  I learned I can officially say we are no longer home OWERS!  :)  What a great thing to hear over the phone, "Congratulations on paying off your home loan."  I had to listen to it twice!  Hee, hee!  Giddy here!

We are still living with Ty and Janna for this week and next....then we are officially homeless again.  We are hoping to get into our new house sometime in the next few weeks.  I've got project lists for once we've moved that are a mile long!  For now, we are working on the fencing of the back yard. 

Happy Wednesday, Y'all!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We are moved!

Boy, I really stink at this blogging stuff!  I often think to write, but then never get around to doing so.  So, let me fill you in on our life the past few weeks:

(Deep breath) 

We packed up our entire house (just the two of us), moved our entire house to three different locations (again, just the two of us), worked our jobs full time, cleaned the old house, were homeless, were saved by my brother (Tyler) and his wife (Janna), went camping for three days, were given a closing date, had the closing date rescheduled, installed the first portion of a vinyl fence including manually digging the post holes (again ..... just the two of us!), picked up the pool, went to church, got locked out of the house for 8 hours only to realize the next day D had the key all along, planted/watered/weeded the garden, purchased all new appliances for our new (to us) house, mowed the yard at the old house, mowed the yard at T and J's, mowed the yard of T and J's trashy neighbors (there is one in every neighborhood, isn't there!?!  If you don't think so, you are probably it!  Ha!), payed bills, balanced checkbook, did laundry, helped some friends of ours move, have taught our dogs how to potty on a leash .....

(Inhale again!)


We are REALLY looking forward to being settled into our new house at the end of the month.  It has been nice to spend some time with T and J before they move (we are ALL moving again at the end of June:  them to Indy, us to our new house) but it will be nice to not be living out of a suitcase.

Praying for patience!

So, if I tell you I haven't called or written in a while because I've been swamped, please believe me!  :)

Have a great week, all!