Sunday, August 22, 2010

Boomerangs (to Indy and back!)

Well, my eggs are now (hopefully) "baking" away in a petrie dish.  We left our house this morning at 5 AM to head to Carmel, Indiana where the doctors office is for my egg retrieval surgery.  Our good friends, Paul and Carey, went with us and made the two hour drive each way seem like only minutes.  Their stories had us laughing and relaxed the entire time.  I am so glad they asked if they could come with definitely helped us keep our minds off the situation.  Dustin also appreciated having someone to sit with while I was in surgery.  Once he does his "collection" contribution to the day, there is not much for him to do but wait around for me so it was nice for him to have friends there.

Dave, Annette, Paul, Carey

Paul and Carey

They were able to get 10 eggs from me this morning.  I'm not sure how many were mature enough to be used yet; they will tell me that tomorrow when they call me with the fertilization report.  I'm just praying there IS a fertilization report:  last time not a single one of my 13 eggs fertilized!

It's been hard to not feel pressure about this process:  we have pretty much decided we are done trying in the baby field after this.  The money factor is insane (we could of had a nice fat down payment on our house in Alaska with the money we've spent attempting to make a baby!) and the process is exhausting!  Trying to work it around my work schedule is completely disheartening and frustrating too; possibly the worst part of all of it!  I sometimes wonder if I didn't work such a stressful job if we would have these issues ttc.  We are considering taking classes to become foster parents and possibly fostering with the intent to adopt.  It's sad to think about the fact that if this does not work, I will quite possibly never carry my own child.  On the other hand, its comforting to know that we have a back up plan.  All in all, its in God's hands.  I'm praying that I will be able to accept his will.

I'll leave you with a few pictures of me (one pre and one post surgery) to brighten your day!  I'm not exactly photogenic!

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  1. Glad it went well, hope to hear good news tomorrow!