Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Beginnings

It's the season for new beginnings, apparently

The girls had their first day of 6th grade yesterday.  I cried a little when they got on the bus.  Then, I realized I had 8 hours of free time, and the tears were gone.  However, the tears were back again this morning as the got on the bus again.  I miss my buddies when they are gone!

Coming from the city, they could not grasp the idea that the bus picked them up at the end of our drive.  They kept asking where the bus stop was.

New hair cuts for school. 

**I wish I could post pictures of their first day and how cute they were dressed. I posted the above pic because I'm hoping their eyes are blocked enough to count as "unidentifiable" by DCS.**

Other new beginnings to note:
I kicked my inside-for-ten-years cat out to our barn.  She is not happy about it and comes to our windows and cries to be let in.  It makes me so sad....I keep imagining how things appear to her.  I wonder if she thinks I kicked her out because I don't love her anymore.  How do I convey to her that it was the last straw when I caught her peeing on my new carpet once again!?!  She joins a new kitten, Gumball, out there.  They will hopefully get along soon.

Dustin and I have been kicking around the idea of embryo adoption.  Its been over two years since we last tried to have a child, and I honestly thought maybe I was "over" wanting to have a child.  But, thru fostering, we have both realised we need to have our OWN child.  So, please be in prayer for us as we toss around the logistics of this possibility. 

Happy Wednesday, Y'all!