Wednesday, January 25, 2012


It's bulls and blood
It's dust and mud
It's the roar of a Sunday crowd
It's the white in the knuckles
The gold in the buckle
He'll win the next go 'round
It's boots and chaps
It's cowboy hats
It's spurs and latigo
It's the ropes and the reins
And the joy and the pain
And they call the thing rodeo

One of my favorite things to do here on a Saturday night is to go to the rodeo at Hat Creek Arena in Van Wert.  I love the sounds, the smells, the excitement.  So, if you would ever like to join me, just let me know.  Its always a good time!

(Please excuse the horrible pictures.  There's only so much you can do with a crowd and a camera phone)

The place is ALWAYS packed!  Standing room only!

One of my favorite pictures!  JD looks deep in thought....

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

11 Random Things

My friend Ashley at Expecting Miracles challenged us to each answer 11 random questions. goes.

Ashley's 11 Random Questions for Me:
1. What was your favorite childhood toy?
     *  My 4-wheeler.  Actually, it was my brothers 4-wheeler but I loved it!  That was followed closely by my record player.  I've always been a music nut!
2. What do you like best about your husband/significant other?
     *  He has a great sense of humor
3. What is your favorite dessert?
     * I have to choose just one?  I guess I would have to say cheesecake.
4. Describe one of your most memorable vacation experiences.
     * 4 months in Europe (England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Switzerland)
5. What do you like to do to relax/unwind?
     * Read, go for walks, anything outside
6. What is the most random thing in your closet?
     * My husbands baseball jersey from high school
7. If money wasn't an object, what "luxury items" would you put in your house?
     * an in ground pool, a hot tub, a 4-Wheeler, a ski boat, a camper, a snowmobile.  I know that asked about items IN my house but I don't really have anything I'd like to change. 
8. What trait do you admire in others that you wish you possessed?
     * the ability to keep their opinions to themselves, to be quiet & demure
9. What is your favorite fast-food restaurant?
     * Taco Bell
10. You are having dinner with 3 of your favorite celebrities. Who are you with and what are you talking about?
     * Jennifer Aniston: I would ask why her nipples have to be hard in every single movie/TV show she is in
     * Thomas Haden Church: We could talk about anything he wants as long as he's talking...that voice of his is AMAZING!!!
     * Rob Dyrdek: I would love to pick his brain and to go with him on some of his silly antics
11. What is your current favorite brand of shoe?
     * I wear cowboy boots daily....they are so comfortable!  I'm lusting after a red pair right now. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Oh my WOW!

I just looked at my blog and realized that it has been over a month since I last had anything to say.  (My hubby would disagree with that!  Hee, hee)  So, I've been racking my brain to see if there is anything rattling around up there that would really be of importance to you.....and, sadly, the answer is NO.  What can I say?  2012 has been pretty uneventful so far.  For that, I think I'm grateful. 

So, let me update you on the year so far in bullet points:

* No call yet on foster children

* Our beautiful Maybelline (my truck) had an intimate encounter with a telephone pole on Jan 2 and is awaiting beautification

* Dustin has been working long hours

* Mandi has not

* Its only Jan and I've already gotten to catch up with two great friends I have not talked to in quite a while.  That makes me smile!

* I've already broken every one of my New Years Resolutions (what can I say?  Goals are NOT my thing!)

* We have not had any snow :(

Life here is pretty much Status Quo...and for that, I'm happy!

I hope 2012 is treating you well, too!