Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My eggs are a-bakin' (a BAKERS DOZEN)

We made it to Indianapolis yesterday with time to spare.  Dustin was up on time, and even in a good mood!  A miracle in itself, there!  Being the sweet guy that he is, he declined any coffee because I couldn't have any (no food or drink after midnight).  So, we made the trip to Indy fueled only on nerves. 

When I got there, they were able to take me back into the surgery suite right away. Dustin is completley freaked out by anything medical, including the smells of a hospital, so he was instantly nervous.  After changing into the completley immodest gown (my heiney hung out the back!), grip slip slippers, and a lovely blue hairnet, they attempted to start my IV.  I have never been one to want to give my blood up freely.....My veins tend to make a person work for it!  After sticking me in my anti-cube, digging for what felt like 5 min, and then giving up, the nurse asked where else I have had luck with Ivs in the past.  My hand....always my hand.  She did not like that answer and instead attempted the other arm.  No luck.  The hand it was.  Poor Dustin is standing there watching, completley nervous.  The nurse kept joking that he looked like he was going to pass out.  But no, I was not to be out done.  The IV running for a few minutes (saline and an antibiotic) I casually ask "Did you put the stuff that makes me go to sleep in here already?  Im feeling a little fuzzy!) 

The next thing I remember is a nurse putting cold compresses on my now showercapless head and thinking to myself through the haze "Cross your legs....your giving them a show!"  Too funny!  Dustin was a trooper through the whole thing!

Anyhow, they were able to retrieve 13 eggs from me!  Dr. Culver said the average is usually 10 so I was more than happy with my Bakers Dozen.  Im waiting on a call from the embryologist today to learn how many fertilized over night. 

I woke up during the night multiple times (the Darvocet they have me on makes me nausous!) and at one point, when I couldnt go back to sleep, I laid there and prayed for those "children" in the lab....I prayed for my future children, to be a good mother, and to be accepting of the outcome, no matter what!  In the words of my friend Cassie, I prayed that I was willing to be made willing....

Ill keep you updated as I can.....

Thanks for reading!

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