Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Funny how life goes on....

Its amazing how life keeps going on.....even when it feels like it has ended. 

Things are back in full swing in the Donovan household.  Its like the past two weeks didnt even happen.  Our God is an amazing God!  Its completely awesome to me how he can heal hurts without us even realizing it.  Yes, I still mourn the fact that I will never have MY child.  Its heartbreaking to me that I will never have a baby that has Dustins dimples or his cute teeth (those of you who know Dustin know how cute that gap is in his front teeth!)  But, this experience has truly brought us together over the past weeks.  We have had some great discussions and prayers together about our future.  As of now, it looks like we will be doing an embryo adoption.  We go back to Dr. Bopp March 1st and have a whole list of questions to ask him.  We both truly feel God is leading us towards adoption.  Its something we always knew we wanted to do; we just didnt know it would eventually be our only option!

The youth retreat this weekend was AWESOME!  We have the greatest group of kids at our church!  The youth amaze me weekly!  We include kids 6th grade thru Seniors in high school in our youth group.  They all get along so well.  They just rock, thats all I can say!

The greatest news of the weekend is that I went sledding (a total blast!), roller skating, and bowling all in one day.....and wasnt sore at all the next day!  Guess Im not so old after all!  Ha!

Im sitting at church while I write this and I can hear the worship team practicing one of my favorite songs.  "There is no God like Jehovah, There is no God like Jehovah....."  Annette has asked me to consider being on the worship team.  I sing in the choir, but Im not so sure my voice is good enough to sing on the worship team (it consists of 5 people only!)  Its something to think about, I suppose!

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  1. We SO know how you feel. We have both done embryo adoption. Please check out our blog and we would love to follow your journey!

    2 Jens