Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hi ho, Hi Ho, its back to work I go....

Well, I had taken a few weeks vacation for this whole IVF thing....and I guess I dont need the time off anymore.  So, I am returning to work tomorrow, an entire week earlier than I had planned.  Im a wuss and have a hard time saying No, so back to work I will be tomorrow at 430 am! 

Dustin and I are chapperoning the Winter Youth Retreat this weekend.  I'm on the leadership committee to help plan it and it seems to be coming together nicely.  We leave Friday evening and will return Sunday around 11:30 (just in time for the kids to head home with their parents who will be getting out of church)  The theme, thought up by two of the girls in the youth group (Becky and Trisha) is Avalanche:  Taking the ordinary to extraordinary.  I think it will be a great weekend full of fellowship and strengthened friendships in Christ.  I still have to go buy a sleeping bag and snow pants for the weekend...not to be used at the same time!  :)

Dustin and I have been contemplating and praying about embryo adoption.  It seems like the best solution to our situation for now.  It is less expensive than a "regular" adoption (if you call $10,000 + the cost of FET less expensive) and I would still get to carry the baby and experience the thrills (and aches and pains) that go with it.  To adopt an infant in the U.S. is VERY expensive!  Around $40,000.  And not guaranteed.  And a very long wait.  To adopt a child internationally is a little less expensive (20-45 grand) but generally infants are not available.  Is it crazy that I would want an infant?  Is it insane that Im a little bit angry (or alot angry, depending on the day) that some people can get pregnant in a wink and Im contemplating spending thousands (and HAVE spent thousands) to "buy" my baby?! 

Life is crazy, you know?!  I know God is teaching us a lesson...Im just not sure what yet.  His timing is remarkable to me....  He seems to have much more patience than I do!  Please keep us in your prayers as we contemplate the different options.  I know I'm meant to be a mother in some capacity...I truly cannot believe God would give me this strong of a desire if it were not meant to be.  I just need the patience to figure out in what way he is directing us...

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    2 Jens