Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bad news for AUTOBAHN

My little dachshund doggie has been acting wierd.  It's hard to really put a finger on what, exactly, he is doing strange, but he's just not himself.  Then he started having seizures and tremors.  We originally attributed it to the fact that our foster child was poisoning him (as we suspected and she later admitted to the police) but we soon learned that was not the case.  In fact, her giving him copious amounts of chocolate may have actually been a good thing as it caused us to take Autobahn to the vet. 

At the vet, they drew blood and ran some other tests.  The bad news came on Saturday when the vet reviewed the results.  The vet called to say that Auto had critically low Phosphorus levels.  He said this is not caused by cheap food, chocolate poisoning, or anything else.  In his research, the only thing he can find that leads to LOW (this is a very rare problem...usually, in both humans and dogs, the issue results with levels too HIGH) Phosphorus is Thyroid Cancer.  Poor little Auto!  He is truly his mommas baby!  He's so friendly and lovable...everyone that comes to our house leaves with a new friend in Autobahn. 

Look at that cute mug!

Handsome boy...with devil eyes. 

If you can't find Auto, look under blankets.  He loves to snuggle down and cover himself up.

Opening his Christmas gift

One of his favorite things is to go camping with us.  The few times we have went without him, he got so upset as we loaded the camper and he wasn't in it.  Here he is relaxing after a long day spent sniffing through the woods and trails.

Auto loves popsicles

We started Auto on new Phosporous building meds this weekend.  He goes back to the vet in two weeks for another blood draw to see if there is any improvement.  Dr. Miller said there is not much we can do if it IS cancer, just keep him comfortable as it spreads or gets worse.  So, as silly as some of you probably find this, I'm asking if you would please pray for healing in my little buddy Autobahn!   Thank you!


  1. It's so hard to see our pets sick. We had to have our kitty put down today and lost one of our dogs a couple of months ago. So sad.

  2. Love the popsicle pic! ** Totally different subject, but I saw in Thriving Family magazine today a side note on Embryo Adoption. It said it was a 'low cost and accessible adoption program.' It gave the web address www.EmbryoAdoption.org or Linda@EmbryoAdoption.org. Just an FYI!

    ~Amber Rufener