Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bloggers Choice Award: YOUR UGLY VOTES NEEDED!

This past Friday night was our annual Ugly Sweater party.  So much fun!  I can't speak for everyone else who attended, but I can say for myself that I HAD A BLAST!

I have decided to do something a little different this year: I'm going to let YOU vote too. We did hand out awards at the party (I'll do a post about that in a couple days with more party pics as well) but I'm adding a BLOGGERS CHOICE award based on your votes!  So, check 'em out...and vote in the comment section, please.  Pass this on to your friends...the more votes the better the prize ;0)

JULIE put a lot of time into her "bow sweater" and spent the evening not being able to sit down or lean back on anything for fear of losing or smashing all the bows in the back.  A+ for effort!

CARL is sporting the lovely, three sizes too small, sweater vest that LIGHTS UP and is complete with personal touches.  (See below)  LORIN is wearing the American Dream, which includes apple pie, baseball, flags, and corn on the cob.

The back of CARL's vest.  It lights up and someone (who knows who) took the time to cut out what we can only assume were their family members faces and added them to the tree as ornaments.  See the little white circles?  Those are pictures.  We assume the cows were not family members....or were in-laws

JEREMY and MARIA in their great get-ups.  Jeremy's was even complete with Christmas stockings for shoes.  Check out both of their Christmas pants!  Maria's has multicolored starbursts embroidered all over.  They go with the Christmas colored jeweled belt.  These two have such a great sense of humor!

MANDY came dressed as a Christmas tree.  She certainly wins the award for enthusiasm, as she entered the house singing "OH CHRISTMAS TREE, OH CHRISTMAS TREE..."

Carey's sweater also lights up.  She spent hours shoving little lights thru the front to light up the tree on the front.  She also sported a matching Christmas tree watch!

CHRIS and SHEA were looking grand in their Christmas pretties.  I love the "matching" ties!

Jerry's shirt matched his thoughts on the contest.  Rachel was all decked out...from her sparkly earrings, to her belt, to her bracelet!  LOVE THE ENTHUSIASM!

I love that Kermit's sweater is borrowed from his neighbor lady!  What a trooper to make that effort!  Renai accessorised with an adorable hat!

You can never go wrong with a sweater vest and a log cabin with lights all over!  Sure to be warn again  :)

Tony says the sweater may be ugly, but it is actually very comfortable.  I love the Loretta is sporting a coordinating scarf and earrings!

Lisa is head-to-toe gingerbread.  Literally.  Even her socks, turtleneck, and earrings!  WOW!  Phil is sporting the snowman sweater with pride.  His homemade snowman belt buckle is classic and ingenious! 
The first and last time I wear leg warmers!  Note that said leg warmers are actually the sleeves from my sweater.  :0)  Dustin is looking HOT in the lovely, handmade, latch hook tree skirt circa 1972
It's too bad our Christmas cards are completed for the year.  You may be seeing this again next year....
This picture looks full of love.  If you could hear the photographer, you would be laughing as you hear her yelling at him "Kiss her!  Kiss your wife!  Oh come on...you can do better than that!"  So funny!
This sweater and glitter fuzzy shirt combo are SNOW much fun!

So....let the voting begin!  I'm so excited to see who you choose!

I will post more pictures and also the winners from the party (and this contest) in my next post.





  1. I should go into photography. I can (obviously) get my clients to do what is necessary to get just the right shot.hehe.
    Love this post. Can't wait to see the results!
    My vote sticks from Friday night: Dustin. Hands down. Not only is he creative for picking it out but was willing to sacrifice a possible allergic reaction to 1970's wool itching his neck. lol

  2. My vote would be the ugly sweater vest that Carl is wearing...though yes...most of them were quite ugly! The homemade picture ornaments got me. :)

  3. So fun! I vote Carl, sounds like he put in the most effort.

  4. Oh, this is a tough one! I could vote for a lot, but I think Jeremy and Maria take my vote!

    So fun!!

  5. I vote for Phil. Though the guy who borrowed from his neighbor is a close second!

    Amber Rufener