Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ugly Sweater III

Well, lets try this again.....  The conclusion to the Ugly Sweater night!

First game of the night: the Banana Thrust game.  Contestants were to tie a banana to their belt and roll an orange across the finish line for the win.  This game was not limited to males, but for some reason the men all thought they would excell at this and volunteered.  Chris (in the middle) won the game with a loud shout of "It's all in the hips, men!"

Paul, Carl, and Chris in action

The next game required contestants to wear pantyhose with a ball in one leg on their head.  The original plan was that they had to swing the ball to knock down little army men.  However, I didn't think to try it prior to the game and quickly learned that the army men would not stay standing.  We improvised with them rolling the orange again. 

Thanks to Mandy, Maria, Trent, and Renai for playing!

All the pantyhose SAID they were the same size but we suspect Mandys were mislabeled.  The legs on hers touched the ground! 

WINNER!  Trent!

This game was followed by a drawing game that everyone participated in, many games of Pictionary, and Flippy Cup in the barn. 

Carl was the over all winner of the night!  He won the UGLY SWEATER award AND the BLOGGERS CHOICE award!   His name was added to the pot of the ugly little Christmas tree trophy!

A little musical entertainment in the barn

Where else do you enjoy a concert?  In a boat, of course!

All in all, a GREAT night!  Can't wait to host it again next year! 

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