Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Life here has been a little (more) hectic than usual this past week.  We were placed with a new foster child on Thursday of last week and have spent time doing the typical "first week of fostering" things.  This includes: buying her clothes, shoes, school supplies, registerring her for school, discussing with her the expectations of her behavior while she is here, case meetings, Dr's appointments, etc..

This little girl has a very sad story (don't they all!?!) and, according to her therapist, really needs to be shown love.  So, I decided that our little Christmas tree that usually is naked (other than lights) would be decorated.  By us.  With homemade ornaments.  **SIGH** 
Cutting them out after measuring out all the ingredients herself.  She doubled that batch and I helped her figure out the measurments.

Watching them bake.  I wish I could show you her face so you could see how cute she is.

Painting her ornaments

The finished ornaments


All in all, even though it was a huge project that took ALL DAY, I think she really enjoyed it!  A fun bonding experience for us.


  1. Mandi this makes me so excited! Keep it up!

    Love and Prayers!

  2. excited to meet her sometime! love the ornament ideas

  3. What a great idea!! (Also, a great amount of time & patience on your part!) How sweet of you to help her do that to bond with you & take ownership of something!
    Love, Patti