Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sunny days, chasing the clouds away...

So the weeks seem to be flying by this summer.  We've got so much going on, I can't seem to keep my days straight.  Case in point:

A friend of ours asked yesterday "what are you doing for Big D's birthday?" 

My answer;  "when is it?" 

Our church puts out a monthly calender that includes all birthdays, anniversaries, meetings, etc on it.  Its a good thing they do, too, because it had completely slipped my mind that my husbands birthday is NEXT WEEK!  Yikes! 

So, I suggested having people over either this Sunday or next for swimming, a cookout, a campfire, and cake and ice cream.  Dustin gave the idea the O.K., with the exception of the cake and ice cream (he doesn't want me to do anything special for his birthday with a group....just the two of us!)  So....if you are free this Sunday, feel free to come over!  Bring your swimming suits, a lawn chair, and a smile!  We'd love to have you join us!

On another note, I woke up this morning to my laundry room flooded for the third time in two weeks!  The first time was frustrating, the second was kind of comical....this third time, its just getting absurd! 

I called my brother, Tyler, and he came over and worked on it for a bit.  He needs to do some torching to it so is stopping by tonight to finish fixing it after he gets the torch. In the meantime, Dave brought over his dehumidifier, which I'm running in there to suck up all the moisture that is now in the walls, under the washer/dryer, etc.  All in all, a pretty funny story!  Guess God felt it was time for me to scrub the floors in there.....more than once!  Ha!

I hope you are all having a great week!

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