Thursday, July 29, 2010

No room for groceries...

We need to get groceries.  The problem is, after putting all of my meds in the fridge, there is not any room left for food!  I wish I knew how to post pictures in my blogs, I would take a picture and show you.  The Doctor changed many of the drugs I am using this IVF cycle in hopes that with different drugs, I would receive different results than the last miserably failed IVF cycle.

Many of the drugs are now given thru IM injections, rather than sub q ones.  What this means, other than the fact that the meds take up much more room in the fridge, is that I now get to bare my heiney to multiple people daily.  Dustin is terrified to give me shots, and seeing how I am not flexible enough to shoot myself in my own tookus, I had to recruit others to do so for me.  So, I never in my life thought I would be baring my tush at work for my co-workers but.....I AM!  The things one is willing to do in the name of hope!

Last time I took pictures of the bruises on my stomach from all the shots....maybe Ill get one of my tush too!  Maybe Ill even figure out how to post them!  Ha!

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