Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day One

Its starting.  Its 8 PM and I just gave myself my first injection in the IVF cycle.  This drug they have started me on, Lupron, will put my body into menopause so that I do not release the eggs that I make next month. I will take this drug nightly, along with my prenatal vitamin, my birth control pill (so that I actually get a period!) and a low dose aspirin.

 I'm excited to start actively pursuing a child seems like we took a long time off from actively doing something.  We took many months to recoup, think, pray, discuss, pray, pray, pray about what our next step should be.  It feels good to actually do it now.  I know that the next few weeks will feel like they drag by since I am excited.  I'm working some different hours, and more hours than in the past few weeks, so the time should pass quickly.  Wish us a luck and send a prayer above for us, please.


  1. Good luck! The Lupron is a breeze compared with the "big needle in the butt"!! =)

  2. we'll be thinking of you ( : keep us posted...

  3. I just prayed for you both this morning, and I will continue lifting your names up to our loving Father. Thinking of you as you start the IVF cycle again!