Thursday, June 3, 2010

A weekend away was just what the doctor ordered!

Dustin and I went on our annual Memorial Day camping trip last weekend and had a wonderful time!  We had invited a few others from church, along with some friends of ours:  all in all, about 30 people were there over the weekend (though not all at once).  I wont bore you with the details:  Ill just say that stronger friendships were forged and bittersweet reality hit me as well as I realized I've grown over the past few years (and have "outgrown" some of my friends). 

While we were there, we got a text from my brother saying that my Grandpa Kipfer had had a stroke, was lifeflighted to Fort Wayne, and was in ICU.  Dustin and I visited him last night and he seems to be doing well.  He has regained motion in his arm and is working on regaining it in his hand and fingers.  Please keep him in your prayers!

On the infertlity front, we have not made any firm decisions yet.  Dustin and I talked about it agian on Tuesday.  I got a text from him out of the blue Tues morning that said "We can do IVF again."  He later admitted that he had been thinking about it the past few days.  He said he was really struck by how much he wanted kids again while we were camping with others who had kids.  It was our first vacation weve ever taken with children and we were both amazed at how well it went!  We both had so much fun with them and were amazed at how well behaved all 10 of them were! 

Dr Bopp is calling me next Tuesday to do a phone consult (which is nice because I dont have to pay an office visit fee).  We will talk about the options for IVF then.  I did talk to a nurse about it last week and she said they would be changing some of the protocols for my next round.  They would use ICSI for ALL the eggs this time and would also change up the meds I would use beforehand.  One of the biggest changes is that many of the meds would now go to IM injections....and since they are oils, would have to be done in the heiney!  This means Dustin will have to do them for me.  I am going to ask if the thigh is an option though:  he is really FREAKED about having to give me shots.  He says he can give shots to pigs and cows all day but doing it to his wife is just weird!  If we go thru with the IVF, we will be doing it the last few weeks of August (and if its successfull, I will have all next summer off!  Heres hopin' to that!!!)  It seems like it should be an easy decision: financially its WAY cheaper to do IVF!  However, IVF is more time consuming, harder to schedule with work, has a lower success rate....not to mention we have kind of already "bonded" with those 5 embryos!  We can sell them back but it seems kind of wrong!  Im still praying for guidance!


  1. Hi Mandi,

    I'm sending prayers for your Grandpa!!!

    Will you please post or email me privately what you mean about "selling the embryos back"? As you may know, I am setting up an embryo adoption program and would love all of the suggestions and ideas I can get-


    Best of luck

  2. Just FYI... I asked my nurse at the NEDC about doing the PIO injections in my thigh and she said that anyone she'd talked to that had done that had a lot of pain and trouble walking. Looks like my hubby will have to give mine in the heiney as well!