Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mothers you mock me!

Is it wrong to say that in some ways, I HATE MOTHERS DAY and Fathers day!?!  I really dont...but it sure is a cruel day for some, isn't it?  Those who are infertile, those who have lost children, those who are estranged from a child, those whose children are POW's or even MIA.....its a sad day for many!  I think most people get so wrapped up in the "joy" of the day and forget to acknowledge the pain that Mothers day (or Fathers Day) may mean for many!  Sorry....I'm not trying to be negative or up on my soapbox...was just thinking about this the other day.

Mothers day this year was not as hard for me as others have been.  I am honestly getting to the point where Im just tired of it all.  I truly feel that whatever happens with this IVF cycle is meant to be.  And, today, Im okay with that.  Now, ask me 6 months from now and I may have changed my mind.  There is something about summer and the promise of travel and being outside doing all the things I love that makes me okay with never being a Mom.  I know I would have to give those things up and honestly, its a hard thought.  It would be hard to kayak with a kid!  Ha!
I also think Moms day wasnt as hard this year because Dustin and I discussed it prior and decided to ignore it, so to speak.  We slept in Sunday morning (no church for me where they hand out roses to the Moms) and then spent the morning together talking and drinking coffee.  Then Dave and Annette came over and we went to lunch and to the movies.  Actually, Annette and I went to the movies and the men went kayak shopping.  We all met back at our house for mojitos and dinner on the grill.

Our plans for Fathers Day are much of the same:  staying home and working around the house.

The one bummer of Mothers day this year is that I did not get to talk to my mom or my step mom at all.  I hope they knew I was thinking of them.

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  1. I totally agree with you- I hate Mother's Day! Father's Day won't be so bad this year because we've just been matched with our 6 embryos for our embryo adoption so technically we are parents now! I think it's completely normal to have those feelings after struggling with infertility. Enjoy your day tomorrow!