Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What brings you joy?

I am reading a book all about finding joy in your daily life.  One of the things it encourages the reader to do is to make "joy lists" in a journal.  Well, I'm not much of a journaler.  This blog is about as close as it gets.  So, I thought I would make the lists of things that bring me joy or make me giggle!

Foods (surprise, surprise...the fatty has foods listed first!  :)  )
  Anything mexican...especially if it has guac or avocado, Munchos potato chips:  Light and crispy:  the perfect blend of grease and SALT, Dark Chocolate, Limburger cheese, Coffee, Diet Coke with lime or lemon (I prefer the real fruits though...not the flavoring that is added by the company),  Macaroni and Cheese, Ice Tea
Apparently I love anything that stains your teeth or makes your breath bad!
***Are you wondering where the veggies are?  Ha!

1. The Bible,  There Are No Children Here, Anything by Nicholas Sparks, Jodi Piccoult, or Lisa Gardner (that covers the genres of Romance, Novels, and Mysteries), Calvin and Hobbes

Music:  My music tastes change with my moods so this list is nowhere near complete; its a list of my faves as of today:   Family Force 5,  Thousand Food Krutch, George Strait (he is always on my joy list, no matter the mood!!) The Zach Brown Band, Kenny Chesney, Selah
*Nice list there:  Hard Core, country, and hymns....I like extremes I suppose

The idea of travel:  The thought of visiting (or revisiting) these places brings me joy.
*England, *France, *Anywhere in Europe, really!!!, * Australia, *Anywhere with mountains, *ALASKA (though when I visit I'm never coming back so it will really be a move, not a visit! )  *New Mexico, *Fiji, * Wyoming, *Montana, *Oregon, *Washington (the state, not the city!), *San Antonio, *Prague, *Ireland
Many more....I have the travel bug!
Can you tell I like wide open spaces and nature?   

Flowers, spending time with family, Fall leaves, the smells of both the produce dept in a grocery store and of fall, football (especially the Pittsburgh Steelers), bonfires, 4-wheelers, mudding, camping, swimming, margaritas, cold beer, mowing the yard, playing with my little weenie dogs, blue sky's, English Springer Spaniels, working around the yard with my husband, riding bikes

I could go on and on with things that make me happy.....its funny how if we think about it, we can be more than happy and content with the lives we have right here, right now! 

I hope you, like me, take some time today to find joy in the little things!

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  1. Can I just say that you made me smile on a day that I REALLY needed that! I love you Amanda Jo!