Tuesday, April 20, 2010




Last Thursday was officially "good news Thursday!"  We had the trifecta of good news going on in the Donovan house!

1)  They came and set up the pool.  They dug the hole, put the sand down, and put the pool up....all in one day.  It is now full of water and running smoothly!  I couldn't believe that both a bobcat AND a dump truck could fit in my back yard at once, but they can.  I have the pictures to prove it.  I would post them, but Im completely computer illiterate and have no clue how to do so!

2)  While I was sitting here watching the men work and working on my tan (it was 80 some degrees that day!) my phone rang.  I answered it and heard "Amanda, this is Danielle with Dr.Bopps office.  We have good news for you!"  The donors of the embryos are very similar to Dustin and I.  The male was a little shorter than D but has blonde hair, blue eyes like Dustin.  He has a college degree in mechanical engineering and is a small engine pilot in his free time.  The woman is a bit taller than me, a bit skinnier, and has brown hair, brown eyes.  Her college degree is in electrical engineering.  She said in her bio that she has a great singing voice and is very musical.  So.....we are praying for guidance as to if and when should we take these embryos.  There are 5 available but chances are that only 3 will survive the thawing process!  Please keep us in your prayers on this decision.  It seems like its a total GOD thing but we want to be sure. 

3)  After getting off the phone with the embryo coordinator, I thought I better check with Dr Bopps insurance gurus and find out what I would need to do, should we decide to use these embryos.  While I was on the phone with her, I questioned what our balance was for our failed IVF cycle.  I had only recieved one bill from them on it so far, and it arrived on Monday, three days prior to the phone call.  I figured we would be receiving more bills eventually.  The gal on the phone was super nice, and Im sure it made her day to be able to tell me that all events associated with IVF had went to the insurance companies....and all we had left to pay was the $406.00 not covered by insurance!  I paid that right then and there on the phone!  WoW!  God is sure looking out for us, isn't he!?! 

So, that was my Thursday in a nutshell!  I got a pool and a baby (maybe) in one day! 

My grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary surprize party was Friday night and went very well!  My brother, Tyler, and his wife, Janna did a great job with the decorations!  My Mom was out for the evening...it was nice to spend a few hours with my family all together like that.  It doesnt happen often.

Anyway...I'll keep you updated on our embryo situation!  Have a great week, y'all!


  1. I just saw your comment on my blog! I am excited to keep up with you on this exciting journey!!