Friday, April 9, 2010

I heart swimming pools and sunshine!

YIPPIE!  A life long dream of mine is coming true! We are finally getting a pool!  Hip hip HOORAY!

I have wanted a pool ever since I was a child.  I have always been an outside girl.  I will take dirt and mud and hiking and fishing over sitting inside watching tv or playing video games any day!  As a child, and later a teen, I would beg my mother for a pool every year.  We had the perfect yard for it, and already had the perfect deck....I never could understand her refusal! 

Dustin and I have been together 6 years now....and every year I ask for a pool.  However, Marlise, his sister, had a big beautiful pool in her back yard so he always told me to just use hers.  For years she let friends and family alike share her pool, and while I appreciated having a place to swim and sun, it was not the same as having one in my own back yard.  But, alas, Marlise's pool officially died over the winter.  I will join Dustin and her at the pool side burial!  (or tear down...however you wish to view it)  And, with no outlet for my swimming love, Dustin went into town and bought me a pool!

Its nothing fancy....just a regular above ground pool!  But I am SO EXCITED!!!  We also got  the solar heater for it so that the pool should run about 80 degrees for 6 to 7 months of the year....which means that Dustin will join me in it!  He would never swim with me at Marlises pool because it was usually only 70 degrees or so.  Hes a freeze baby.  He is still sleeping with his side of the heating blanket turned on....and set at 8!!!  Just last night he did this!  I, on the other hand, am always hot!  I have tan lines already from working out in the yard in a tank top this year!!! 

They should be coming to set the pool up in the next month and I CANT WAIT!!!  We had originally thought we would hold off on a deck for this year, but Marlise is giving us her deck from the dead pool!  AWESOME!

So, KUDOS and a HUGE HUG AND KISS to my husband for the pool! 

Now, you may be wondering how we can afford this (as some of my family so rudely inquired, "Did you win the lottery or something?!")  Not that I really owe any of you an explanation on my finances, but since Im sure you are wondering, I will tell you!  We have been trying very dilligently to live on Dustins income alone the past year or so.  A great deal of my income has went to the infertility doctor, but some of it has went into savings.  And, not that its anyones business, I am sick of putting my life on hold.  For the past 4 + years our life has revolved around baby making and saving money for it.  Its always been "after we have kids we will...."  or "Once we are done trying we will......"  Or "We would really like to ______ but we cant spend the money in case we try again to have kids."  Im sick of living a life on hold.  So yes, I took some of MY hard earned money and spent it on something I wanted.  So sue me! 

Besides, kids love pools.  And doesnt the saying go "If you build it, they will come?"    Funny!!


  1. i'm excited to, it will be cool to see a 24ft pool in your back yard.""if you build it, they will come?"" is right you will have all the church's kids there. lol

  2. Mandy, Love your comments. I know the feeling about family questioning everything when it comes to money(actually mine questions ever decision I make not excluding what kind of toilet paper I buy...LOL. Honey I have given up many years ago explaining myself away. So enjoy your pool no regrets.