Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Party is Starting...

Ok....I lied. I said I wasn't noticing effects from the drugs...but I spent 5 hours crying yesterday. 5 HOURS!!! IN A ROW! Its insane! I was completely rational in my head...but I could not get the tears to stop! In my own defense, I had received some news that rocked my world and I just couldn't seem to shake it! One of my good friends sent me a text yesterday that said she is having twins. Just like that! No consideration for the infertile girl whose heart she was breaking! I know she wasn't trying to be mean, or to rub my face in it, but for that moment, I was so angry and jealous....and wondering when it was going to be my turn? But, Im learning that God has his own timing for me, and for others. I just need to trust in that! And I do...but some days, its so hard!

Anyhow, enough of the whining! Dustin and I have been talking a lot about adoption. I know that the success rates of IVF are not great....only a 30% chance. We have been discussing what will we do if it does not work for us. We are possibly interested in adopting but it seems like the money aspect to it is just astronomical! It costs more to adopt a child than I even make in one year! But, people seem to adopt kids all the time. Can anyone tell me how they afford it? Any tips?

I go tomorrow for my day 3 lab work and my first of what will be many ultrasounds. FUN! Then I will add the gonadatropins to the list of meds I shoot in my belly nightly. :) This will cause my ovaries to begin making eggs. If you like to feel bloated, this is the drug for you! It makes your ovaries swell to the size of softballs! Oh the things one is willing to do to get what they want, right?!

Ive got choir practice and then Dustin and I help with our youth group at church this evening as well so I better run. I love Thursday nights!!!!


  1. Mandi,

    I know exactly how you feel after your friend told you she was pregnant. It seemed for the past thre years, I too had my good share of phone calls from there exciting news, and wondering when it would be mine turn, it's so hard!

    We are adopting toddlers, we too realized the cost to adopt an infant is extremely expensive, but there is hope! The IRS does offer a Adoption Credit which I think is up to $11k right now, but problem is you have to spend the money first and they pay you back, if you have that kind of money (we don't), then shouldn't be a problem.

    We found a good private adoption firm, the public ones seemed insensitive, and the private ones offer more hand holding but also more $$. To adopt a toddler, we are going to do siblings, and the cost is around $5k. A lot more affordable and all tax deductible! So that's even better.

    We are adopting locally, but I'm sure there are plenty of agencies in your home town that can help you should u choose to go that route.

    I wish you luck though with IVF, I Hope that it's your turn, and you will be the one calling all your friends to tell them the good news!

    Good Luck,

  2. THANKS Crystal! I appreciate the good words of encouragement!