Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 3 and 1 Valentine

I have volunteered to organize and lead the packing of Valentines Day Care Boxes at church. These boxes will be sent to college kids. Does anyone have a college student that would like a fun box full of cookies, candy, snacks, etc? If so, please email me ( with their name and address and I will add them to the list. Im looking forward to this project. I remember how fun it was to receive a box of goodies when I was a way from home!

I went to the doctor this morning for my Day 3 Estrogen and FSH levels to be drawn. I also had an ultrasound to make sure I did not have any cysts on my ovaries. They were looking for cysts for two reasons: One being that I have had issues with this in the past, the other being that the presence of cysts can mean that I am not really in menapause, therefore I run the risk of releasing the eggs that I will be making. The good news is that I did not have any cysts at all! Yippie! I start on the gonadatropins tomorrow to begin making eggs. I take these every twelve hours (8 Am and 8 Pm on the dot).

Dustin went with me today to the doctor. He doesnt usually go, but we had to sign all the official consent forms today in front of the Doc. We had to make the big decisions as to what happens to the left over embryos should I pass away or we divorce or reach the age of 50 without conceiving (let me be the first to assure you that we will not be trying to conceive at the age of 50!!) Its strange to think about that but, technically, they are our "children." Since he was there, the nurse had him stay in the room while she did the ultrasound. For those of you who dont know, my husband is EXTREMELY squirmish when it comes to anything medical. I was so proud of him. He didnt pass out when they drew my blood and he watched the ultrasound enough to even ask questions. He wanted to know what the golf club looking thing was on the tv screen (it was my ovary). What a trooper!

We are planning a quiet night in tonight. Pizza from Jims in Woodburn and a movie. Our favorite kind of night together. I'm heading out tomorrow night with Marlise (my sis/mom in law) and my good friend Annette to Flat Top Grill! Yum, veggie stir fry here I come! Sunday will be full of church and Awana, with a birthday party for Shannon in between the two. I love Sundays! Its my favorite day of the week!

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