Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Daily.....Yeah, right!

So many people have been asking about our IVF procedure and how it is advancing. We appreciate the questions....it lets us know you care and are on your minds. So, I thought I would create this little blog so you could follow along with us, if you choose. However, please do not hold me to the "daily" in the title. I tend to only check email once or twice a week....and will only blog that often, Im sure!

To sum up what has happened on the IVF front the past few weeks: we thought we had hit a bump in the road when all of a sudden my insurance changed and as of Jan. 1, IVF required pre-approval from the insurance company. Seeing how I was to start on my first round of drugs on the 7th of Jan, this was an issue. However, with a lot of prayer and what had to be divine intervention, we received our approval by the 4th.

I started on Lupron aproximately a week and a half ago. The main goal of Lupron is to put my body in menopause. They warned both Dustin and I that I would experience all the symptoms of menapause....the mood swings, the hot flashes, nausea, lack of intimacy urges, skin changes, bloating, etc... To be honest, the only side effects I have had so far have been nausea (it was really bad for the first day or so) and just an overall exhaustion, which could also partly be from the stress of all of this! The first few days I lived on saltines and 7 Up but Im back to normal now and, if this is what menapause is going to be like, I think Ill be okay!

I have not had the mood swings like expected, but have noticed Im a lot weepyer (is that a word?!) than usual. I find myself crying at the silliest things! I sat in church Sunday and just bawled during worship! Of course I was sitting in the very front row so I couldn't walk out to get myself together in the bathroom or everyone would have seen my red face and snotty nose! Ha! The adventures of a hormonal woman!

I'll write more on the next steps this week. I need to get dinner made for my honey!

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  1. Mandi, I look forward to reading your blog and following along in your journey! After reading this entry, I said a prayer for you and Dustin. May His perfect will and timing be fulfilled.

    Love you,