Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bruises dont show up on pictures.

Someone asked me the other day if I have been taking pictures of each step of this process.  Im not really a picture person.  I love to look at them but never think to take them myself.  So, this morning I laid out all of my drugs for this process on the kitchen table and took a picture.  They covered half of the table!  I couldnt believe it!  I also tried to take a picture of all the bruises on my belly from the shots.  You can see them very clearly, one is so dark you could see it through my light pink shirt I had on the other day.  But time and time again, I would take the picture but the bruises didnt show up in it.  I just ended up with a bunch of pictures of my fat gut!  Ha!  I KNOW noone wants to see that! 

I go back to the doctor tomorrow and will see what the next step is from there.  Dustin and I have been preparing for the days we will be in Indy.  I have paid the neighbor gal (she goes to church with us) to come over and let the dogs out while we will be gone.  I have also covered my committments at church depending on the days we will be out of town. 

It probably seems like my life revolves around this IVF procedure....It feels like it often!  I am also very involved in my church.  Dustin and I are to be staff members at the Senior High Lock In at church next Friday and Saturday.  Im also working on providing all the food with one of the youth, Rebecca.  We have had fun shopping and planning the food to feed 60 people!  Im also helping with the reception after baptisims next Sunday.  Dustin and I are also to be staffing the Winter Youth Retreat Valentines day weekend.  Fun!  Those things sound like such a great time!  We are really looking forward to it all!

And after all of that:  4 weeks of IVF stress, 2 weekends full of church/youth activities, applying to be on the police reserves in New Haven and the Sherriffs office, and working full time (for Dustin) too, we are hoping to get away for a night just the two of us.  We are hoping to head to Michigan to Cabellas.  We will get a hotel and stay there after shopping on Saturday.  Im personally looking forward to dangleing my feet in the hot tub (Im not allowed to sit in the hot tub....Dr. Bopp says with my history of miscarriage, I need to avoid all hot tubs and baths until I have the baby) 

Gotta run!  I have more planning to do for the youth retreat!

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