Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Don't post my picture on a milk carton yet...

Don't post my picture on a milk carton yet; I'm still here!  I have been incommunicado for quite a while though, haven't I?!

Let me fill you in on the past 2 months (because that is how long it's been since I last posted):

* Sold our house
* Lived with my brother and sis-in-law, Tyler and Janna, for a few weeks
* Lived with good friends, Phil and Lisa, for about 10 days
* Fenced in back yard of new house
* Moved into new house
* Lived in new house sans furniture of any type (except kitchen table) for 3 weeks
* Painted most rooms inside new house (most of which required 4 coats!)
* Put new flooring in most rooms of new house
* Changed out light fixtures in most rooms of new house
* Finally was able to move in furniture and clear out storage unit
* Worked in the garden/berry patch
* Canned/froze many items out of garden/berry patch
* Was pulled over for speeding 3 times (no tickets though!)
* Backed into husbands truck in my own driveway (oops!)
* Hubby and I both worked full time
* Went to Maibach cabin in Michigan for a week (aaahhh!  After the past month of moving, we needed a break!)  Phil and Lisa went with us and a great time was had by all!
* Hubby started new job at Steel Dynamics in Butler, Indiana
* Shut garage door on hubbys boat.  The boat is fine, the garage door is NOT! 
* Ordered new garage door.
* Fished in a buck and doe fishing tourney with hubby and caught my first bass (no pictures though..I wouldn't touch it!)

So....along with all the extras listed above, we've just been living life.  Lots of new changes to get used to in the Donovan household.  Anyhow, now you know why I've been too busy to write :)


  1. Dustin had better be proud of you catching your first fish! Do you have any advice on getting out of tickets now that you are an expert? ( :

  2. Funny about backing into your hubby's truck and closing the garage door on his boat!!

    How about your next post being pictures of your new place....? :)