Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Welcome to our humble abode

Some of you have asked to see pictures of our new home.  So, let me indulge you.  :)

We have done a lot of work to it.  It was in really good shape before we moved in, just needed a little updating.  We had a good time making the changes and, in the end, this house feels comfy, cozy, and ours!  (There had been some question as to if we would feel comfortable here....and we certainly do!)

Let me preface the pictures by saying that I am not in any way a photographer!  Many of the rooms are large and its impossible to get the entire room in a snapshot.  But, you will get the idea I hope.

The house from the road.  Notice the fence coming off the side?  Dustin and Dave put that in.  It goes all around the back yard.  I love it!

The house from the center of the U shaped drive.

Part of the family room.  We don't have any of our pictures on the walls yet.

The living room (part of it, anyhow).  This room took 4 coats of paint on the walls AND the trim!  This is wood paneling but you would never know it now!  It looks great! 

Kitchen from one end of the room

I love this glass fronted cabinet in the kitchen.  It used to have gold mesh over the front so you couldn't see in.  I took it out and put my great grandmothers china in it to display.  The china is purple and green, which goes with my green kitchen! 

This cabinet was Joans.  She no longer had use for it, so I took it, painted it black, and now its extra storage, along with a pretty display.  How about that:  I can be pretty handy too!  :)

Master Bath.  This room, and the living room, really show just how much a can of paint, new light fixtures, and new flooring can make a difference!  This room had hanging pendant lights on chains (a la 1972) when we moved in!  I'm so glad I have a handy hubby that did all this work!  The second bath looks just as great but I wont bore you with pics.

Well, thanks for enjoying our pictures.  I hope this blog did not come across as bragging...I did not in any way intend that!  I just wanted to share our hard work with our friends and to show those who live away from us where we are living now (Hi, Grandma!)

The way we came in to our house is a GOD story that I would love to share with any of you who don't know it!  HE is truly good and amazing and I am so thankful for the blessing he has given me in my life!

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