Friday, August 12, 2011

We all hate the whole state of MICHIGAN

We all hate the whole state of Michigan.  Well, not really!  In fact, for Dustin and I, the cabin in Michigan is one of our favorite places to get away.  I can't help but sing the OSU song though, every time I hear the name of that state!  (I'm not even an OSU fan.  Go figure!)  Hee, hee!

D and I spent a wonderful and relaxing week at the Maibach cabin in Michigan.  After the past 6 months of hectic, it was so nice to get away!  We spent our time






Did I mention Fishing?!?
All in all, a memorable and enjoyable week with our friends! 

Thanks, Phil and Lisa, for a great trip full of laughs and Maibachs for the cabin on the lake and the memories made there!

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  1. I am sure, at some point in the week, Dustin DID have his shirt on! :)