Monday, March 8, 2010

The promise of summer....

I feel like this summer has a lot of promise to it already!  Its only March and yet I look at the calander and most of the summer is booked already!  Between camping trips, Dustins Bass fishing tournaments, a trip to the Maibach cabin in Michigan, a trip to North Carolina, the Stieglitz family retreat, home improvement projects, and another IVF cycle, we are swamped! 

Yes, you read that right!  We are going to attempt another IVF cycle.  I am hoping for May or June.  I'm waiting on my next cycle to start so I can do the math on the calendar to figure out when for sure!  We were driving in the car the other night and I asked Dustin if he had been thinking about his decision for our future child attempts.  He surprised me when he said he thought we should attempt one more IVF cycle.  I was thrilled, of course! 

We are currently on the embryo adoption list as well.  If embryos become available between now and then, we will go that direction instead.  We have to complete a counseling session with "The Cabin", the counseling group that Midwest Fertility uses before we can adopt embryos.  We have that session booked for next Tuesday.  The Cabin is located in Indianapolis but they allow us to do the session on the phone, which is great!

Dustin and I helped chapperone the JR High Lock In at church this past weekend!  It was a blast!   I was really dreading it but actually had a fantastic time!  The kids in our youth group, and their friends, are a blast!  Such a good group of kids!  We played all kinds of games, including Dodgeball, where I learned that I throw like a girl!  Go figure!

I want to give Dustin major props for his work this weekend!  When we lived on the farm, we had to saw our box spring in half to get it up the stairs to the bedrooms.  When we moved, the boxsprings got put back down and never rebraced. Our bed has been sagging in the middle for over a year now.  I wake up in the morning and my back hurts me so bad I can hardly walk.  I've been popping vicodin daily for I dont know how long!  Anyhow, D went to Menards this weekend, bought boards and plywood and FIXED OUR BED!  I woke up this morning and wasnt in (nearly as much) pain!  It was awesome!  What a great man!  I love that guy!

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