Thursday, March 18, 2010

Information session: Complete.

So Dustin and I had our counseling "interview" Tuesday night with the Cabin counseling center in Indy.  It went pretty quickly (45 min) and was informative.  She focused a great deal on how and when to tell your child he/she is adopted.  Did you know the best time to tell them is between the ages of 7 and 12....and only after they start asking questions.  That is what we learned  :)  She also talked a bit about the different resources available to help tell your child (books, websites, etc).  Other than that, she focused on our relationship in general, touched on finances, etc....Overall, a good session, I thought.

So, now we are officially on the embryo adoption list.  We are still playing with the idea of doing another round of IVF but it is so hard to do with my work schedule.  I think that if we attempt another IVF cycle, it will not be until later in the year.  We were hoping to attempt another in May, but I just dont have the vacation time for it right now.  It is about impossible to schedule it with my work schedule.....even though IVF falls under FMLA rules, my work will not let me use FMLA.  The problem being that I cannot guarantee what days I will need off, and they schedule us months in advance.  So even though I only need 3 days off maximum, I have to take a full 2 weeks of my vacation time to make sure Im off the 3 days that I would need off.  Im sure I could probably fight this, if I was really motivated to, but what is that saying...."Dont bite the hand that feeds you?"

Im heading to Toledo tomorrow night to meet up with my friend Kailene.  Its been almost two years since I last saw her!  Im so excited!!!  It will be great to catch up with her and her daughter, Brianna. 


  1. bless your heart Mandi, and I know you are driving to meet a friend in Toledo but if you are ever in Florida, we would love to see you.

  2. That's awesome Mandi, I'm sure whatever you decide to do, will be the best thing for you. In all our classes, they told us to keep "adoption" open in dialogue, even when they are young. I think there are differing opinions on this, so whatever feels right for your family, is obviously the right choice. I think Kenny and I decided we'll keep it open, there are a lot of books to talk to kids about adoption as well. Good luck. :)