Friday, October 14, 2011

Birthday Blessings

Today is my birthday!  Those of you who know me know that I LOVE birthdays!  Mine, yours, anyones!  I love celebrating special days: birthdays, holidays, any celebration, really. 

I think I get this love of special days from my mom, Ricki.  She always made our special days extra special.  Since my birthday is in October, she would bring cupcakes and apple cider to my elementary classrooms on my birthday.  Other kids brought smarties or tootsie rolls to hand out, MY mom brought yummy cupcakes with halloween themed sugar sculptures on the top.  YEP....I was spoiled!  Still am, really. 

We always got to pick something fun to do for our special day:  a movie, a trip somewhere, a nice dinner out, etc...and usually got to take a few friends too.  My mom made us feel celebrated on our birthdays!  She still does.  Today I received a box in the mail full of goodies she sent to celebrate with me.  A pair of earrings, a doxie notepad, chocolate coffee, gift cards, cards, sunflower salt and pepper shaker (I LOVE sunflowers!)and even a package of beef jerky for Dustin. 

She excells at finding special things!

I also got another fun package from my step-mom, Deb, today.  In it was a beautiful candle, cards, a gift card, and candy.  I have a sick obsession with candles so this was a perfect treat for me! 

I love that both of my Moms take the time to make sure I feel special on my special days when they can't be with me (one is in Illinois right now for work, the other in Ohio).  Both boxes made me ache with homesickness!  Sometimes I wish I lived closer to my family...I miss out on a lot being 4 hours away.

So....knowing how much I love birthdays, what do you think hubby will do to celebrate with me? 

The first year we were married, he forgot my birthday. Since he forgot, I got to pick my gift. We came home with Augie, an English Springer Spaniel.

The next year, he forgot.  I picked out Schotzi, our mini dachound. 

After that, he at least remembered to say Happy Birthday!

  This year, we are heading to Indianapolis to see my brother, Tyler, and sis-in-law, Janna.  I'm really looking forward to the weekend away and to spending time with D, Ty, and Janna.  I woke up this morning to a beautiful sunrise, went and got a mani-pedi, and am looking forward to time with family who are friends too.  

That is birthday enough for me!


  1. Happy Birthday dear friend! You are an amazing woman and so glad you are having a great day:) ~Kristen K.

  2. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!! :)