Thursday, May 16, 2013

Progress Photo Shoot

So...this is a hard one for me to post.  I've had several people asking to see before and after pictures so here goes nothing. 

Let me preface all this by saying I ABHOR having my picture taken!  I HATE IT!  I LOATHE IT!  And, even more than that, I severely dislike the "selfies taken in a bathroom" trend that seems to be "cool" nowadays.  How tacky!  But, for you, I will break all my rules, and will post a few nasty self pics.

Keep in mind there were taken post-workout so I look like dog doo.  My hair ain't done, I'm flushed, and workout clothes are not flattering on anyone but tall and skinnies like Barbie.  And, please pardon my messy bathroom.  We do not have a single full length mirror in our home (nor do I want one.  I do NOT want to see any more of this gaggy body than I have to!)  This bathroom mirror is the biggest/longest mirror I have so I had to use it to get a body shot.

Also, I had not planned on anyone but me seeing these pictures when I took them.  In fact, I didn't even plan on the hubby seeing them...or else I would have had him take them, which would have eliminated the whole "white-trash takes selfies in the bathroom" dilemma. goes nothin'.




So there it is.  Pictures don't lie.  This is me today.  All of me.  But less of me. 

So, there ya have it.  Pics on the top were from Day 1, the picture directly below that is 40 lbs lighter.  I've still got 45 lbs to go but, I'm getting there!  And, I know you can't see it in the picture all that well, but I am firming up and gaining muscles.  My arms are getting nicely defined for a fat girl.  When I lose the rest of the weight I will have some majorly ripped guns! 

And, because I can't leave you with those disgusting pictures scarred on your retinas, here's a before and "progress" (not "after" because I'm not done) when I'm actually dressed. 

You can't tell from these pics but my double chin is slowly disappearing.  I cannot tell you how happy that makes me!  **Just thinking about that makes me want to do a happy dance!**  The camera angles here actually make my "before" (on top) look smaller than my "progress" picture.  Go figure! 
So, when I get discouraged, I look at these pictures to show myself that yes, I AM making progress.  Hopefully by putting myself out there, and exposing my ugly, I encourage you to keep at your goals as well. 


  1. Mandi dearest,
    First of all, I love you.
    Second of all, quit talking bad about my friend. I'll have to smack you upside the head for that. She is a wonderful, giving, amazing, loving person so quit talking down about her. She looks amazing, but its the heart that truly counts so 'back off Barbie' and let her be happy for her achievements without tearing her down. HAH :-)
    Last, you look incredible. Don't give up. I'm 2 weeks in and have only budged 4 pounds. Very frustrating. Thanks for the motivation. Love you bunches!

  2. Way to go, Mandy! You look great....and there is absolutely NO WAY I would have the guts to post before and after pics of myself, so kudos to you, because it's very inspiring!

  3. Thank you for posting these. Like I said last night, we all love realness - thanks for doing that.

    Keep us updated! You are beautiful - 80 lbs too much or not!

  4. You look amazing Mandi! Thought so when I saw you this winter too! Actually thought - how come she hasn't aged when I've aged a million years? Keep happy dancing my friend....after all, it burns calories :)

  5. You are so brave! Way to go! You look great and I love your hair!

  6. I find it amusing how you say you want to a trophy wife for YOUR husband because that is what he deserves, yet you are spending all your time having an affair with my husband you fat troll. I hope everyone sees you for the home wrecking slut you are. I am contacting your husband and if you don't stop ALL contact with my husband I will be taking a little road trip to come see you;)

  7. Lose all the weight you can't change ugly. especially when you are ugly on the inside as well. You are a sorry excuse for a class and a WHORE!