Friday, May 17, 2013

A day at the Zoo

This past week, little M and I joined our friends Lisa and Grace at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo.  M had never been to the zoo before and was beside herself with excitement! 

As hard as I tried, I don't think I got one single picture where Gracie is looking at the camera.

The giraffes are my favorite!

These two are like peas in a pod.  They ran ahead of us the entire day.

Ostrich babies?

We enjoyed the ostrich, who was trying to nip thru the fencing.

Peacock on her next


This penguin was very social

M has been asking to ride a horse.  She chose this one, named Cookie, for her first pony ride.

Petting the pigs.  She wanted to pet every single animal and couldn't understand why most were off limits.

M loved the donkey

Brushing the goats

M has really been into giving hugs and kisses lately.  Even the goats received hugs from her!

I enjoyed getting to spend my day with this girl! 
The zebras were M's favorites

M fed the giraffe a lettuce leaf.  Then it licked her on top of the head.  Of course I was a few seconds off on getting the picture of her getting licked.  :(  Look at that loooong tongue!

M wanted to pet the crocodile!  I told her they weren't friendly and she pointed out that he must be because "him smiying (smiling) at me."

The otters were very playful and put on a great show while we watched.

Such beautiful birds

All in all it was a fabulous spring day:  the weather was warm and breezy, the animals were very active, and the air was filled with little girls giggles!


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