Monday, December 5, 2011

Sweater Weather (sweater party part Dos)

The first annual Donovan Ugly Sweater Party was a big success!  We had 21 in attendance, with the first guests arriving at 3 PM, the last going home around 4 AM, and our overnight guest heading home around noon the next day!  For someone (ME!) who loves entertaining big crowds, laughter, and fun, this was one of the best nights of the year!

We played GAMES, ate too much FOOD, had a friendly COMPETITION with the ugly sweaters (with a SWEET prize!) and a ton of LAUGHTER!

Objection:  Fill the balloons and put them into the legs of the pantyhose to create antlers.  First team with 5 balloons per leg and the antlers on their head wins.


You want me to do WHAT?!

Julie and Jodie worked well together

I love this picture of Dana doubled over in laughter!

Spectators cheering them on

 The prize?  A coffee mug, candy, hot cocoa, and a PEZ dispenser!

Josh got creative with the "antlers"

The next morning the "antlers" were there to greet us when we went the TOP of our flag pole!  Thanks, guys! 

Games ruled the night: along with the reindeer game, we played Bezzewizzer, Dirty Board, and 3 rousing rounds of Pictionary! 

Thanks again to all who participated!  We look forward to hosting again next year...hopefully with a bigger turn out!  For those who hope to join us in the future, let me give you one tip for winning the coveted prize:  BE PRACTICING YOUR RUNWAY WALK!

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  1. Maybe I'll fly instead of driving... Next years party will be a must attention on my list!