Saturday, June 1, 2013

Photo Dump

My cousin Sarah does these great, super funny, super cute blog posts that show everyday randomness in her (and her children's) life.  They are always top notch posts.  So, I hope she doesn't mind but I'm going to borrow that "theme" and show you what our past few weeks have looked like. 

Story time at the library ended in making Ant masks

Modeling her garage sale finds.  You can never have too many dress up clothes!

I'm pretty sure the neighbors think she is insane.  She "flew" around the yard pretending to be a butterfly for at least an hour!

The Barbies got to go swimming in their cruise ship pool.  (Notice she is still wearing the wings?  They have become a daily feature!)

Playing in the sprinkler

The neighbor boys came down to play in the sprinkler too.  They brought their Gator, which Little M LOVED!

Little M makes friends every where she goes.  She wanted to swim with these girls so badly, and I, of course, had forgotten her swimsuit.  So, I let her swim in her clothes.  :)  If there was ever any doubt if we were hillbillys, there's your proof

Since her clothes were soaked from swimming in the lake (see above) she rode home in a towel and her unders.  And slept the whole way! 

Butterfly hunting

How can you not love this face?  Was so excited to get to see her TWICE in the month of May!

So. Stinkin. Cute!

Celebrating Dad's birthday

She got her own Golf Cart (purchased because I love little old men and I couldn't say no to the one who carved this)

I love this picture.  She is growing so fast!
Are we the only ones who play fetch with our child?  We throw the ball into the water, she runs down the beach, swims out to the ball, and ....
brings it back so we can do it all over again!  Who needs a dog?!?
She loves her "tubby" boat
Sand castles
She is learning to fish and is getting really good at casting.  She has a great teacher in Dustin.  He is very patient and encouraging with her!
Judy atti-tudey!  She's cute...and she knows it!

One of many beautiful flowers on our campsite

 Happy summer, everyone! 



  1. great post! And I don't mind AT ALL :)

    She is just sooo cute!