Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fibber gibits

Seriously...I have nothing to say.  Updating my blog has been on my "TO DO" list for WEEKS...and I keep putting it off.  Because, I have nothing to say.  Writers block?  Or is my life really that boring?!?

I seem to be busy ALL THE TIME but never really doing anything that is blog-worthy.  I am a neat freak (which is TOTALLY different from a clean freak, I assure you) so I spend a great deal of every day organizing some part of my house.  The home office, the fridge, closets, the freezer, the garage, cupboards, dresser drawers...and when I'm done, I start all over again.  I abhore clutter and things out of place in the house, so I spend a large amount of time picking up after the three children.  Yes, I said three.  Count them: R, A, and Dustin! 

Other than my obsessive neat-picking (not nit picking, though I've been known to do that as well!) I spend a great deal of my time shutteling kids.  The girls have visits with their parents on Tuesday, Thursday, Fri, Sat, Sunday.  I get to drive them to all of that.  Yippie for me! 

Other excitement in our house lately:

* Both girls were failing 3-4 classes at mid-terms &
* Both girls have worked very hard to bring their grades up!

* One of the girls came down with a nasty case of scabies.  We don't know where or how she got them.  No one else in the house has the issue.  So, I got to spend a good three days de-lousing my house.  Several times.  And de-lousing a child.  Several times.  Fun times....I know you are jealous. 

*  D has been working extra so I've only seen him a tiny bit the past few weeks.  I'm not complaining: we are thankful for the extra income before Christmas! 

*  I had my wisdom teeth removed last week.....with NO sedation.  That was fun!  (sarcasm font)

* I'm looking forward to my next trip to Indy to see Tyler, Janna, and baby B!  Oh....that IS news worth a blog.  I'll do that one next!

I hope you are all doing well out there in blogville!  :)

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