Friday, February 17, 2012

A House of Cards

Valentines, Schmalentines!

For those of you who know my hubby, I'm sure you are NOT surprised when I say that we do not really celebrate holidays....especially Valentines!  However, one of the best parts of our relationship is the fact that we love to laugh together and can usually find amusement in any situation.  So, let me tell you an amusing Valentines saga:

Rewind to 2007:
I went to the store, picked out a card, brought it home, and wrote my heart on the inside.  I was so excited to give him his card because I had really poured my thoughts and thankfulness into it! 

Valentines came, he opened his card, read it, threw it on the counter, and went back to watching TV.  I was crushed!  Not only did I NOT get anything, not even a card, for the day of love, but my thoughts were basically ignored.  I was hurt.  And, I figured, why should I write all these sweet thoughts every year when I can just RECYCLE this card?!  So, I did.  Into the drawer it went, to be pulled out in 2008.  And 2009.  And 2010.  You get my drift.  Each year, I would write the year on the back of the card...I was curious how many years this could go on before he noticed.

Present day 2012:
Out comes the now infamous Valentines day card for the hubby.  I leave it sitting on the counter, propped up on the coffee pot.  I run errands in town and when I return, there on the counter sat a card for ME!  SURPRISE!

Dustin and Mandi 40 years from now?
In typical Dustin fashion, this is actually a birthday card.   But he took the time to personalize it! 

He drew pictures of our dogs and pointed out that the couple on the front is in Alaska....and that the man must surely be Dustin based on how he wears his socks!  D says this looks just like me...

He then proceeded to ask me what I meant when I wrote on Facebook about the infamous Valentines Day card.  UH OH!  The gig was up!  My card was found out! 

BUT, we laughed and laughed and laughed about it.  We laughed about how he never noticed it was the same card, we laughed about how cheap I am that I would recycle a card, we laughed about how silly the holiday is as a whole, and about his card for me!  And, after all that, I picked up the card.....................and put it back in the drawer for 2013!


  1. GOOD FOR YOU!!!! This was a GREAT post!!! I just love Dustin's personalized card for you!!!

  2. Too funny! Glad he got you a card this year. My hubby thinks it's a stupid holiday, too.

  3. THIS was a very enjoyable post. Thanks for the laugh!!!